Finally, we can bring to you the videos and powerpoint slidedecks that Wally Mead used at the 31st of October 2008 WMUG event. This event was just over 5 hours long, and most of the attendees stayed to the very end. We all thought it was a great event, and the feedback we received pretty much affirmed this.

We do however have to apologise for the quality of the video. We hosted on Google due to the size of these files, but the masters were of such low quality, that some of the text is hard if not impossible to read. To alleviate that to a degree, we have also provided curtsey of Wally, the PowerPoint slidedecks that were used.

The WMUG team would like to warmly thank Wally Mead for dropping in, and making such an amazingly long session seem like minutes, as well as answering all our questions with his usual wit and insight. We would also like to thank all of you that could take the time out to attend, we got some great feedback from those that did, telling us that they had a great time. And finally, we would like to thank Microsoft for providing the venue and facilities, Manveel you're a star.

The following videos run for over 5 hours, and are absolutely filled with top quality knowledge on installing the Configuration Manager 2007 Site server, as well as the Clients, and wraps up with an overview of Service Pack 1 and Release 2 (R2).

Sit back, and enjoy a deep dive in to each of the following subjects:

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Wally Mead Slidedeck 1 of 3 - ConfigMgr Site Deployment

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Wally Mead Slidedeck 2 of 3 - ConfigMgr Client Deployment


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Wally Mead Slidedeck 3 of 3 - ConfigMgr SP1 and R2 Overview