• SCCM 2007 Script to Delete Old PCK files from SMSPKG folder Avoid Disk Space issues

    Did you ever get into disk Space Issues while copying,Decompressing PCK files ? Packages are failed due to not enough disk space ?

    couple of options to get out of it 1) Add Extra Drives or Increase the Disk on the Drive if you are into VM 2) manage with the existing disk by doing some alteration to it like moving the PCK files or Delete them.

    If you want to move the PCK files to different drive rather deleting them,Please…

    • Tue, Sep 10 2013
  • Awarded as Microsoft Community Contributor for 2011

    Today morning I step into office and just checked my mails .I saw mail from microsoftcommunitycontributor saying

    Dear Eswar Raju,
    Congratulations! We’re pleased to inform you that your contributions to Microsoft online technical communities have been recognized with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award.

    I should thank to all who has given me the support especially to Ymsen Marcus and Niall Brady.

    • Thu, Feb 17 2011
  • How to Trigger SCCM Machine policy or Hardware inventory action agent on remote computers

    There are lot of tools available like SCCM client center or Collection commander or Right Click Tools etc. to trigger SCCM client agent Actions using these tools but the customer environment doesn’t have any of these tools to use and we had a requirement to run the machine policy and other actions items as well.

    I have used the below script to run(ex:Machine policy and evaluation cycle or hardware inventory action…

    • Wed, Jan 12 2011
  • SCCM Report to list Computers with IP address with their Subnets from Given Collection


    Below is the report to list computers with IP address and Subnet information from Given collection.

    select distinct A.Name0,c.IPAddress0 ,D.IP_Subnets0 from v_R_System A inner join
    v_FullCollectionMembership B on A.ResourceID=B.ResourceID
    Inner join v_GS_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGUR  C ON A.ResourceID=C.ResourceID
    Inner Join v_RA_System_IPSubnets D ON A.ResourceID=D.ResourceID

    • Wed, Dec 15 2010
  • Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization(MED) v2 Release Candidate is now available for download

    The Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v2 Beta Refresh is now available for download on the Microsoft Connect site. The updated software provides fixes to customer reported issues and new features including Workspace packager updates which add additional options for customizing the MED-V computer names.

    NOTE:  The MED-V_HostAgent_setup.exe replaces the MED-V client install MSI and the MED-V_WorkspacePackager_setup…

    • Sat, Dec 11 2010
  • SCCM report to list all the advertisement that are currently assigned to computer

    When you assign any advertisement (either application or Task sequence) to collection(Group of computers) ,all the advertisement will be tracked(logged) in SCCM Database with its status and other details.The advertisement will run on the computer and gives the status of it which can be find Via Default reports “All advertisement for specific computer(Report ID:126)”.

    What ,if you move the advertisement to…

    • Thu, Dec 9 2010
  • Report for computers which has their(Next) Maintenance Window settings in SCCM

    Here is another report today ,to list all the computers with their maintenance window setting and are part of which collection.

    The maintenance window information( collection ID,Description,time etc.) is available from SQL view called v_ServiceWindow.

    Below is the report to display all the computer with their maintenance window settings .You can also limit this collection to specific with the help of Prompts.


    • Fri, Nov 26 2010
  • Report for computers where the discovery agent time is older than 30 days

    Report to list all the computer where the discovery agent time shows older than 30 days.

    This you can find out if you right click on the computer ,go to properties and see Agent name[0] (ex:SMS_AD_SYSTEM_DISCOVERY) respect to Agent time[0] for the above discovery method which will be the recent date.

    select a.Name0,b.AgentName,b.AgentTime from v_R_System a
    join v_AgentDiscoveries b on b.ResourceId=a.ResourceId…

    • Thu, Nov 25 2010
  • List of Advertisement Status Message IDs with its Description

    Today,I come across several advertisement status message IDs for a particular advertisement which can be viewed under system status--->advertisement status.

    I,Thought of sharing the excel sheet with you about all the advertisement status message ID’s with its description along with. This might be helpful in creating reports or collections with status message ID’s.

    • Thu, Nov 25 2010
  • SCCM collection to list all the Laptop computers

    If your boss ask to get list of laptops which are managed by SMS or SCCM.what do you do and how do you get that. Right click on computer and go to resource explorer to identify the computer is Laptop or Desktop ?

    You can identify if the computer is Laptop or Desktop based on its chassis Types.

    Below are listed the Chassis types available to create SCCM collection or reports.

    For Laptops Chassis Types : 8 , 9, 10, 11…

    • Tue, Nov 16 2010
  • SMS/SCCM Clients installation Troubleshooting Check list

    Seen Lot of questions/helps in many forums on the SCCM client issues like client is not reported to SCCM console ,site code unsuccessful, Client is installed but Console shows NO and many more.

    Here is the check list which i have prepared to follow in brief .There may be other issues which are not mentioned here but mostly, issues lies under the below conditions.

    There are a variety of Client deployment methods that…

    • Tue, Nov 16 2010
  • collection Query/ Report to get computer Model/Serial Number for a given computer

    Create a New report and paste the below query with prompt asking for computer name:

    select a.name0 ,b.SerialNumber0,c.model0  from
    v_R_System a,v_GS_PC_BIOS b,v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM c
    a.ResourceID=b.ResourceID and
    a.ResourceID=c.ResourceID AND

    Prompt for computer name @hostname:

    select name0 from v_GS_computer_system

    Below is the collection…

    • Wed, Nov 10 2010
  • How To Expire Software Updates in System Center Updates Publisher And Synchronize the Expired Updates In Configuration Manager 2007

    System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) helps users to publish their private updates to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and synchronize the updates in Configuration Manager 2007. Typically users synchronize these updates with WSUS by clicking "Run Synchronization" in the Configuration Manager console. This manual synchronization process does not synchronize the "Expired" flag from WSUS to Configuration…

    • Tue, Nov 9 2010