Did you ever get into disk Space Issues while copying,Decompressing PCK files ? Packages are failed due to not enough disk space ?

couple of options to get out of it 1) Add Extra Drives or Increase the Disk on the Drive if you are into VM 2) manage with the existing disk by doing some alteration to it like moving the PCK files or Delete them.

If you want to move the PCK files to different drive rather deleting them,Please refer this post http://eskonr.com/2012/10/how-to-move-pck-files-to-different-drive/, For Deletion,continue reading.

As We all Know,The PCK files are stored on the drive letter that you specify in the hierarchy settings—>software Distribution.

If you found ,the PCK drive do not have enough disk,try to change the Drive letter to different drive which has more disk space and creating NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS on the root of the drive to not use for decompressing of the packages,and moving forward,You will no longer have PCK file issues.

But if you are having Many Packages that are not updated since years,probably it is good Idea delete the PCK for these packages

Full post http://eskonr.com/2013/09/sccm-2007-script-to-delete-old-pck-files-from-smspkg-folder-avoid-disk-space-issues/