• Awarded Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP 2018-2019

    I’m extremely pleased and happy to be able to announce that today (1st June 2018) I received an email to tell me that I have been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in Enterprise Mobility for 2018-2019.


    To say I am pleased is an understatement and naturally I have a list of thank yous for people who have helped me to achieve this.

    First and foremost my family – My wonderful (and patient) wife Anna, sons…

    • Fri, Jun 1 2018
  • AutoPilot Error codes and my Global Azure Bootcamp demo failure

    I did a demonstration of Windows AutoPilot at the Global Azure Bootcamp in Birmingham last Saturday 21st April, my demo failed so I had to flip to a pre-recorded demonstration. I also mentioned that I’d been having some issues the previous week when preparing for the demo and if I found out the cause I would share it. Well, here it is. I found out today that there have been some changes to AutoPilot requirements and

    • Tue, May 1 2018
  • SCCM Run Script – Gather SCCM Log files for PowerShell v4 and earlier

    I previously wrote a short post and did a demonstration video of the Run Scripts feature in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager - https://morethanpatches.com/2018/02/12/sccm-run-scripts-pre-release-feature/

    In that demo I used an example script created by Jörgen Nilsson which ran on the client, zipped up the SCCM log files folder and copied to back to a central file share. After some further testing with a slightly…

    • Tue, Mar 13 2018
  • Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1802–What’s new?

    So each month I try to cover what’s new in the tech preview version of Configuration Manager. This month however, was a little different. Microsoft dropped the proverbial bomb of Tech Preview 1802 in mid-Feb and it was a big one, no fewer than 21 new features to cover off and a combination of life and work kind of got in the way this month for me. I hit the upgrade button on the day and this is probably the first time…

    • Mon, Mar 12 2018
  • SCCM Run Scripts – Pre-release feature

    As I’ve been having a play around with this recently and implementing with some customers I thought it was only right that I put a little time in and share the experience. I decided to go one further than a blog post and record a quick demo of what we can do with the Run Scripts feature at the moment.

    So, here we have it hit play and let me know what you think.


    References from the video…

    • Mon, Feb 12 2018
  • WMUG Manchester #1 content

    For those who attended the recent WMUG Manchester event or for those that wanted to but didn’t, I have now rounded up the wild horses and gathered the content in one place to share with you.


    As a quick reminder the sessions (in order) were:

    • Welcome and Intro
    • Let's get flying with Windows AutoPilot - Peter Egerton (WMUG Leader)

    We take a look at what's currently capable with Windows AutoPilot and what we should be doing…

    • Thu, Feb 1 2018
  • Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1801 - What’s new?

    Avid #SCCM and #ConfigMgr hash tag followers will have noticed that Microsoft just released Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1801.


    If you haven’t already installed this it will be available within your existing tech preview console in updates and servicing or you can download a clean version to install from new here - https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/evalcenter/evaluate-system-center-configuration-manager-and-endpoint…

    • Thu, Jan 25 2018
  • In telemetry we trust?

    Telemetry is one of those things that tends to divide a room. On one hand it’s productive and accurate feedback for your product of choice and on the other hand it’s big brother spying on what you’re doing in that product. I wanted to share a recent experience with you based on my recent upgrade of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to the recent 1710 release as it may make you change your mind.

    The long…

    • Mon, Nov 27 2017
  • Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1711 - What’s new?

    So last Thursday 16th November the guys at Microsoft released the next version of Configuration Manager Technical Preview. This was a slightly different release as they were assisted in pushing the big red button by a number of MVPs and special invite attendees who were in Redmond for the week for a mini-summit. I’m pleased to say that friend and long-time WMUG’r Robert Marshall was in amongst the crowd and if you look…

    • Tue, Nov 21 2017
  • Windows AutoPilot demo

    I’ve been playing around with Windows Autopilot recently and so I decided to do another video showing you a run through of the process involved in using this new technology from Microsoft.

    There are a few pre-requisites you will need in place before you can fly with this (sorry Smile)

    • Microsoft Windows 10 1703 or higher
    • A device with Windows 10 installed – I used a VM in this demo
    • Microsoft Azure Premium (P1 or P2)
    • Microsoft …
    • Tue, Nov 7 2017
  • Setting up the OMS Connector in SCCM – Follow up video

    I recently presented at WMUG on this in what was a fairly short session and I also talked about this at Experts Live Europe back in August. Things change frequently in the SCCM world nowadays so I’ve added a video as an accompaniment to my previous speaking sessions and blog posts.

    This takes you just through the pre-reqs and set up for connecting SCCM and OMS together. Keep an eye out for further blogs, videos etc on…

    • Wed, Nov 1 2017
  • Microsoft Intune Troubleshooting Portal

    As detailed on the Microsoft EM+S blog yesterday, Microsoft have now added a new and improved troubleshooting feature to the Microsoft Intune portal.


    As you can see in the screenshot above you can get a ‘resultant set of policy’ type view for a specific Intune user.…

    • Fri, Oct 27 2017
  • October 2017 Delta patch problem - WSUS/SCCM

    A quick off the cuff post this one. There has been a lot of talk today on the twittersphere about a rogue patch affecting Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

    It basically stems from the delta updates detailed in this article.


    Specifically there is a section at the bottom which…

    • Wed, Oct 11 2017
  • Connecting Configuration Manager 1706 to OMS

    This post follows on from a speaking session I did with Sam Erksine recently at Experts Live Europe in Berlin. A great event by the way if you ever get the chance to attend. In that session I demonstrated how to perform all the necessary pre-reqs and connect your Configuration Manager into an OMS subscription. The premise of our session was specifically for working with patching via OMS but I will cover more of that in…

    • Thu, Sep 21 2017
  • Cloud Management Gateway in Azure CSP **UPDATED 21/04/17**

    In Configuration Manager Current Branch v1610 Microsoft released one specific feature (previously available in tech preview) called the Cloud Management Gateway. To summarise, this offers an alternative solution to internet based client management utilising Azure therefore removing the need for any internal infrastructure, port openings, network routes etc which can often be complicated and cumbersome for many IT departments…

    • Mon, Jan 23 2017
  • All change!

    They say the only constant in IT is change. It’s fair to say it’s been a little while since I last did any significant writing or presenting and a lot has changed in my world since then but here I am alive and kicking and getting back into the swing of the IT community again.

    Where have I been?

    Just taking time out really, I probably last surfaced somewhere around August 2016 when I was at System Center Europe in Berlin…

    • Mon, Jan 23 2017
  • Update 1606 for Configuration Manager Tech Preview

    Update 1606 for Configuration Manager Tech Preview is now available through the Updates and Servicing node of your Configuration Manager Technical Preview installation.



    • Tue, Jun 21 2016
  • **UPDATED** Configuration Manager Patch - KB3155482

    On the 27th May 2016 Microsoft released an update rollup for Configuration Manager Current Branch related to knowledgebase article KB3155482. This is a significant update in that it is the first update rollup to be released through the current branch in-console servicing facility, previous releases have been Configuration Manager build releases. The update rollup includes fixes for Remote Control, the DBSchemaChangeH…

    • Wed, Jun 8 2016
  • Configuration Manager in a single label domain

    I’ve been implementing Configuration Manager in an organisation recently which has multiple domains including a single label domain. Now to cut the whole post short I’m not going to step you through how to implement in a single label domain, it can’t/shouldn’t/isn’t supported to be done unless you set up a disjointed DNS namespace. I’m installing Configuration in a sub domain and that is all happy and wonderful so far…

    • Tue, May 24 2016
  • System Center Universe 2016 – Berlin

    If you follow WMUG the chances are you work with Microsoft System Center products, there is also a good chance that you’re in Europe. Quite probably, you like to attend seminars/conferences and user groups meetings too. Who doesn’t? It’s a day off work and you get to learn stuff and hang out with like minded people who you can bounce ideas off. So with that in mind I present to you…


    3 days of top quality sessions in…

    • Fri, May 20 2016
  • Using the TLS cipher in Configuration Manager

    Before we get into this I should state that I’m not an IT security expert, I apologise up front for any inaccuracies or misunderstandings I may have made in this post. Feel free to correct me in the comments Smile

    I was asked recently to extend an existing Configuration Manager environment to manage a number of untrusted devices. The solution to this involved creating a new HTTPS enabled management point, distribution point…

    • Tue, Apr 5 2016
  • UK IT Roadshow - Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps

    If you are interested in what Microsoft have to offer in the way of hybrid cloud and devops then I’m pleased to say that I will be speaking on 27th April in Birmingham at the Microsoft UK IT Roadshow. I will be speaking alongside a great speaker line up including

    Gordon McKenna – Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP (12th year!)
    Martyn Coupland – DevOps Team Leader and Author
    Ryan Boud – Senior Cloud Consultant and Aut…

    • Mon, Apr 4 2016
  • Book - Troubleshooting System Center Configuration Manager

    Well it’s been a little while now since I’ve done much blogging, particularly for WMUG as I’ve been a little pre-occupied the past 12 months or so writing a book with Packt Publishing. I’m very happy that my WMUG colleague Gerry Hampson agreed to co-author with me and he did a great job too.


    As the title suggests the book covers troubleshooting of Configuration Manager and covers many aspects of the product in all recent…

    • Sun, Apr 3 2016
  • Snow Inventory Client Uninstall Failure

    [UPDATE 12/02/2016: Today I received a message from David Foxen at Snow who informs me that the issue below has now been fixed. The revised version should be available to you (not sure about licensing etc) but the updated release notes are available here - https://www.snowsoftware.com/int/download. David also kindly directed me towards the Snow Software End User Community group on LinkedIn which could be useful to you…

    • Thu, Oct 1 2015
  • MDT Driver Exporter

    Working for a customer recently I had the task of migrating some task sequences from MDT to Configuration Manager. When looking at drivers, in MDT they have a logical folder structure like so:


    I needed to re-create this structure in Configuration Manager however they didn't have the driver source any more. So behind the scenes of the workbench it just looks like this:


    I asked the Architects@smsmarshall.com

    • Wed, May 6 2015