There's been a lot of interest in the Power BI dashboard and ConfigMgr template since I published a blog post about it on the SCCMentor website back in March.  A presentation I ran at the last WMUG event generated even more discussion about the tool. 

One of the great features of the product is the ability to share out your dashboards to your Office 365 users with the click of a few buttons and you only needed access to Power BI Free.

Notice I used the word 'needed' as Microsoft has announced a change to the Power BI Free model with this statement:


'Changes to Power BI Free are coming on 1 June 2017.

This update will provide you with enhanced data capacity and refresh rates, as well as unlimited access to all data sources. Dashboard sharing will no longer be part of Power BI Free, but will still be available with Power BI Pro.

If you’re interested in an extended Power BI Pro trial that will run from 1 June 2017, to 31 May 2018, simply sign in as normal on or after 1 June 2017, and get going. Contact us to learn more about Power BI Pro.'

This means that a user has to have a Pro license to view shared report. A real kick in the teeth for many.

What are the positives though? Well from the May 3rd announcement it is worth noting:

'Beginning June 1, the free service will have capabilities equivalent to Power BI Pro. This includes the same 1 GB workbook size limit, up to 8 daily scheduled refreshes for datasets, and maximum 1 million rows/hour streaming data rate. We’re also providing access to all data sources, including those available through the on-premises data gateway'

Note also that if you have been actively using the free service in the last year then Microsoft are offering a free, 12-month extended trial of Power BI Pro.

Full details are available here and here.