Installing a new device recently I noticed that it was reporting as Client = No. The ccmsetup had completed successfully so time to check on what the root cause was.

A quick check of the site status within the console confirmed that there were problems. Ugly red crosses next to my Management Point and Application Catalog roles. We do not like to see red crosses!

Checking the messages on the management point role I could see the following errors repeated.

'SMP Control Manager detected SMP is not responding to HTTP requests. The http error is 12029'


'MP Control Manager detected MP is not responding to HTTP requests. The http error is 12029.'


The suggested fix from each error was to restart the SMS Host and W3SVC services. On doing this the problem persisted.

You can issue the following URL in a browser to check the Management Point list for the site.


When doing this on the MP I received a 'Page not found'. Something was not right with IIS.

Checking IIS I noticed that the default web site was not running. If I attempted to start the default website I received an error.


A quick scan of the site bindings (right click the default web site and choose edit bindings) confirmed that there were two entries for https (443) connections.


Removing the offending https entry then allowed me to start up the default web site. Within no time the MP is healthy and serving policy to my client.