The Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 are running with enough power to act as a 'thin client' device to connect to a Citrix environment via a specific release of the Citrix Receiver. This blog post takes you through the basic steps to get you installed and connected.

Install Raspbian

You can download the Raspbian O/S from the official Raspberry Pi web site If you are new to this I recommend that you grab the Noobs release, but if you know your stuff then go for the Raspbian image download. There's full details on the Raspberry Pi site on install the O/S if you do not know

Install Gdebi

Once you have the O/S up and running and you are connected to the Internet you need to install the GDebi Package Installer. This will allow you to install the Citrix Receiver.

To install this issue the following command in a Terminal window.

sudo apt-get install gdebi

Once installed, the GDebi Package Installer will appear in the System Tools menu. You can use either this installer or the command line to install the Citrix Receiver.


Download and Install the Citrix Receiver

The Citrix Receivers for Linux are available from You need to ensure that the Receiver for Linux ARM (ARMHF) is the one that is downloaded. To do this click the 'Receiver 13.4 for Linux' link.

Scroll down the page to 'Debian Packages' click and then select 'Full Package (Self-Service Support). Then download the Receiver for Linux (ARM HF) .DEB file.

After accepting the licence agreement the file will download to the /home/pi/Downloads folder.

Next either open the .deb file in the GDebi Package Installer and click 'Install Package' (Note you will need to have set a root password to use the installer so it's easier to run the command line below)

or type sudo gdebi followed by the name of the .deb file. In this instance, sudo gdebi icaclient_13.4.0.10109380_armhf.deb.

Hey presto the Citrix Receiver is installed and available in the Internet menu of the Raspbian O/S.

When connecting in to a Citrix Storefront web site for the first time, and connecting to a resource, the .ica file will download. 

Navigate to the Download folder, right click the .ica file and choose Properties,

Associate .ica files with the Citrix Receiver Engine.

The next time a resource is clicked from the Storefront the .ica file will download. You can click the .ica and the Citrix Session will launch.

Note that you can also download the optional USB Support Package from the Citrix Install site here Give it a go.

Remove the Citrix Receiver

To uninstall the Citrix Receiver from Raspbian issue the following command:

sudo apt-get remove icaclient