Strange goings on whilst working on a Task Sequence in SCCM 2007. One of the driver packages wasn't applying to the end device. The WMI query checked out ok but the device booted up without any of the drivers applied.

Checking the SMSTS.log I noticed that the driver package step was marked as disabled.


However looking at the Task Sequence the step wasn't disabled.DriverDisabled-002

To remedy the problem, I disabled the step, applied the change, removed the check mark from the 'Disable this step' checkbox and then clicked ok.

On my next build the step was no longer marked as disabled and the driver package applied.


  • Always handy to put stuff like this up Paul, good work!

  • No doubt Rob. Not sure if it had been disabled as was passed through to me. I can find out. Thought it was worth posting in case any one out there saw similar and needed assistance on where to dig.

  • Hi Buddy,

    A Task Sequence is sent to the database as a binary blob, and there is latency between whats on the MP now (cached) and what is going on there in terms of an updated task sequence blob.

    I sometimes find delays between whats being offered on the MP and what is heading there now, and it can take a while before the cache is expired (undocumented) and the new blob is presented to Clients ... you hardly ever see it but it's there, look closely enough and you see the tigers eye's peering out of the jungle at you, have to be an avid tiger spotter to see it though hehe :-)

    Am wondering ... did you have it disabled previously and the changes just hadn't flushed through?