I spent some time over the last few days troubleshooting an error in the wsyncmgr.log file. The EULA was not being downloaded to the WSUS content folder and the error 'The Microsoft Software License Terms have not been completely downloaded and cannot be accepted' appeared in the log file. I followed many recommendations to get this working and none of them would fix the problem. Frustrating times!

My scenario was this:

Site Server with no SUP installed and remote SUPs installed on role servers. One of the remote SUPs was set as the synchronisation server communicating directly with Microsoft Updates.

The solution was simple.

On the site server I had deployed the full installation of WSUS. Only the console installation was required.

So I had to remove all my SUP roles, WSUS installations and also delete the SUSDB (which wasn't used up to this point) ans start the installation process again.

Use the updated blog entries as the guide to your install.

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