In Configmgr 2012, if you create custom Client Settings a priority is assigned to the policy. This priority can be amended in the ConfigMgr console by right clicking the setting and choosing Increase or Decrease Priority.


If you are dealing with an environment with that contains many custom Client Settings then this can become a labourious task to adjust the priorities one click at a time.

To allow for bulk update of the Priority I have created the 'Update Client Settings Priority Tool'. This initial release is a beta version that does not contain any error checking or testing for unique values in the Priority field. So use with caution and please feedback.

The complete script can be downloaded from the Technet Galleries here.


The Site Server hostname and Site Code need to be entered into the UpdateClientSettings.ps1 script.

#Set ConfigMgr site info
$SiteServer = "<Site Server>"
$SiteCode = "<Site Code>"

Executing the Script

For this example I want to adjust the Priority for SCEP Settings to '2' and Software Updates to '3'.


Run the UpdateClientSettings.ps1 script.


Edit the relevant Client Settings Priority to the required Priority. Click Update.


Click Ok when complete.


The Client Settings Priority will be updated accordingly.