• If you get a logical disk showing as 'not available' in Opsmgr when it looks ok otherwise...

    If you get a logical disk showing as 'not available' in Opsmgr when it looks ok otherwise...

    Go check the disk dirty bit (Win32_LogicalDisk property 'Volumedirty').

    Opsmgr checks this using the LogicalDiskHealthCheck.vbs script. I couldn't understand at first why the disk was marked as unavailable/critical when it seemed to be functioning ok but on checking this script you can see that opsmgr is checking…

    • Wed, Jan 7 2009


    I'm being rather unbearably smug today as I just joined Cliff and the other 1000 in passing the SCCM MCT, hurrah, go me etc. :-D

    As we still seem to be in no danger whatsoever of seeing the System Center ITP (70-402) anytime soon so I guess it's time to book up the SCVMM exam (70-403). This one's should be out on 19th December.

    Info on that here.... http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-403…

    • Fri, Dec 5 2008
  • SCOM R2 Beta available for download from Connect


    ....SCOM R2 Beta available now, get it at Connect!


    Whoo hoo etc etc...



    • Thu, Nov 20 2008
  • SCVMM 2008 RTM released!


    Get it here....




    • Wed, Oct 22 2008
  • Monitoring SQL 2K5 in low privilege environments

    If you're following good security practise and planning to limit SCOM access to monitored SQL server instances watch out for a gotcha in the SQL management pack documentation. The documentation states (page 14) that the agent action account used for monitoring SQL objects only requires DBO privilege, however after trying this and having difficulty getting some monitoring data I found that the agent action account actually…

    • Sun, Oct 5 2008
  • Query Web application Performance data

    I wrote this stored proc below to get a value and time sampled for a specific Web application rule ' Base Content Size'. The purpose of this was twofold, firstly to grab the actual value from SCOM so I can use it in other systems e.g. to use the stats in our BSM system and also so I can store specific historic data for longer than I plan to keep it in the datawarehouse and secondly as a hearbeat mechanism to make sure…

    • Tue, May 13 2008
  • Query SCOM entity state

    Here's another useful query, this gets the current state and date of last change for a specified object (basemanagedentity). I used this one to get state change information out of SCOM into another management product where there's no connector out there already. You could of course use the notification methods but I found that these could be flaky, dropping > 5 concurrent notifications, no guaranteed delivery etc. The…

    • Tue, May 13 2008
  • Extracting Performance data from SCOM Tables

    I needed to get values out of SCOM for some specific performance collection rules and couldn't find one anywhere else so I wrote this one below. This might be useful to anyone else having to do the same so here it is.


    To use this query in your own setup just modify the <like> clause to be relevant for performance collection rules for which you want to return data.
    So for example I used this version to…
    • Tue, May 13 2008
  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, WMI Probe Module Execution Failure, Invalid SQL Class.

    Just got this blog setup today and wouldn't you know it there's somthing to talk about already.

    We've had a problem recently with multiple (1000's!) of 'WMI Probe Module Failed Execution' alerts for workflow SQLServer.2005.AgentDiscovery. The specific error was 'Invalid Class'.

    The SQL installation seemed sound so it was puzzling that WMI queries against the SQL class were failing.

    A quick…

    • Thu, Apr 10 2008