Thank you to all that attended the WMUG 10th Anniversary event!

And a big thank you to our sponsors 1e

Our tenth Anniversary finally came along, who would believe it, we've been doing this for that long!

The event was initially set for 100, but what with it being the holiday period, we were aiming a bit too high, and with the reservations in the closing week at around 50, we decided to cap the event at 50, and on the day, I believe we had, including the WMUG Team, 34 people in the room. A good turn out!

For this event we had the pleasure of receiving three presenters that had to travel from abroad, Swedish Enterprise Mobility MVP Nickolaj Andersen, and Maurice Daly, Terence Beggs who both travelled in from Ireland, Thanks guys.

The other guest presenters were our sponsors 1e with Brent Hunter, and then WMUG founder Robert Marshall, Marcus Robinson, andAaron Czechowski, with Peter Egerton putting on an awesome IT Quiz, which we had a great time with and can see coming back.


For this event we changed things up a bit, we went for a virtual presentation given by Aaron Czechowski, and for international and national speakers, and it all worked out near-perfectly, with only one of the teams struggling with the demo gods but striving on to complete their presentation.


Once all the slide decks are in one place we'll update this post and link here.


Here's a run down of the day in pictures.



Arrival at the venue, attendees are greeted with fine imagery and refreshments before the day gets underway


The IT Crowd



We got them to wave to prove that they were not photo-shopped in



Brent Hunter from 1e gave us a wonderful presentation on Windows 10 Acceleration Solutions,

as well as giving us a brief overview of the technologies 1e offer in this space

One of the most significant hurdles a client estate upgrade will encounter is transitioning from BIOS to UEFI, and 1e have this fully nailed down and painless

Robert Marshall was on next, but I cannot find his picture so he'll have to settle

for a link here, to a blog-post he recently did on the very subject he presented on, Push-based Replica Management Points

Marcus Robinson put on presentation based on a very exotic and extremely powerful technology, DSC,

and showed us how easy it is to use for Azure automation

Maurice Daly and Terence Beggs who are both WMUG Community Contributors,

gave us a good grounding on where things are with Multi-factor Authentication


Nickolaj Andersen put PowerShell through its paces,

giving us cool examples of how to get at Configuration Manager to do almost everything using it

We then moved onto our Quiz, Guests versus our Panel of Experts, and the Guests won by a clear margin!

Well done Guests, some of those questions were, ahem, very exotic although IT related!

And good job Peter Egerton for coming up with the idea and hosting it.



The raffle got underway, for this event we had a book, a ticket and some hardware to give away


Congrats James Staunton for winning the System Center Universe ticket!

We should be hearing back from James once the event is over and he can give us a review

And thanks System Center Universe for giving us the free ticket to give-away!

Next up was a guy who's name shall remain a mystery (we lost the bit of paper with it on),

however he is the bearer of a Microsoft Band 2, kindly given away by our sponsors 1e


Congratulations Cristian Ceobanu for winning the Troubleshooting System Center Configuration Manager book

by none other than WMUG Leader Peter Egerton

Likewise for Keith Sanderon who also won the book



And finally, our virtual presenter Aaron Czechowski began his presentation over Skype

We were worried the link would drop ...

But he stayed with us, and gave us a run through on Current Branch features as well as the Technical Preview,

rounding off with a demo of the new Cloud Proxy Point

Aaron showing us more of his stuff, and with no interruptions to the link he was able to give us an excellent interactive presentation,over-the-wire, very nice, and a big thank you to Aaron!


Until next time.


Join WMUG for a day of Expert Windows Management and a bit of fun too on what will be our 10th anniversary event. 

Wednesday 13th July, 2016.

Microsoft UK
2 Kingdom Street
W2 6BD

Featuring excellent speakers from the IT community and Microsoft alongside the WMUG team and our event sponsor 1E.

The agenda will be as follows:

Speaker name

Session title




Registration & Coffee





A quick welcome and introduction from the WMUG team


Brent Hunter (1E)

Accelerated Win10 Migrations

Windows 10 brings a range of new capabilities to an enterprise, including essential new security features to ensure data is protected, and greater agility to succeed in today’s digital world.  However, Windows 10 also brings a new set of challenges, from enabling the new security features to a new Microsoft servicing model that needs careful planning before the migration begins.






Robert Marshall MVP

Advanced ConfigMgr Series

This series focuses on advanced techniques with System Center Configuration Manager. In this, Roberts first presentation of the series, we will cover advanced architectural design of ConfigMgr gathered from real world experiences. This is a relaxed and interactive session, interactive as design is something we all have to do, or at least deal with, and we’ll get a chance to discuss all the content from the session as we move through it thus, interactive.


Marcus Robinson

Azure Automation DSC

Azure Automation DSC for server based configuration management






Maurice Daly and  Terence Beggs

MFA Goodness

Microsoft Azure Multi-factor Authentication


Nickolaj Andersen MVP

PowerShell and Configuration Manager

An overview of Powershell coolness with Configuration Manager






Peter Egerton

Geeks vs Guests

We put the audience head to head against our panel of experts to see who knows more about being an IT Pro.



Open questions

A chance to ask questions, get answers and openly discuss any thoughts you may have around Windows Management.



Prize giveaways

We have a System Center Universe Europe ticket to give away along with a Microsoft Band 2 from 1E and two Troubleshooting Configuration Manager books.


Aaron Czechowski

What's new in Configuration Manager

Live and direct from Redmond, Aaron will tell us what we can look forward to in Configuration Manager.



Close & Thanks 



The event is completely FREE to you including refreshments and lunch courtesy of our sponsor for the day 1E.

We also have an open questions session back by popular demand and we will be giving away a ticket to System Center Universe Europe in Berlin* for one lucky person who makes it to the end of the day.

So what are you waiting for? Register now!! We have increased our capacity following the success of recent events however there are still limited seats available, and as always we expect these to fill up quickly. Don't delay or you may be disappointed.


1E’s mission is simple: to enable our customers to automate the full software lifecycle across their business.

Through Software Lifecycle Automation employees become more productive, the business becomes more agile, and IT departments more reactive to change. They empower customers to remove unused software and unnecessary servers, and reduce network bandwidth while providing their users with the software they need, when they need it. As a result, their customers save millions on hardware, software, energy, and people.

To date, 1E solutions have generated over $2.6 billion of productivity improvements. This includes $1.4 billion in energy costs alone and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 12.4 million tons.

Their customers include Verizon Wireless, Dell, ING, Nestlé, BNP Paribas, Ford Motor Company, the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the UK Department of Work and Pensions.

About the Speakers

Brent Hunter - 1E Solution Engineer and experienced Windows Migration consultant, will provide vital information about Windows 10 deployment and management using ConfigMgr, including information about upgrade scenarios, what the new security features mean to your migration, gaps & limitations of ConfigMgr, and focusing on the BIOS to UEFI transition challenge – putting you in the driving seat of your Windows 10 project.

Nickolaj Andersen - Awarded Microsoft MVP status in 2016 and a Senior Consultant Mobility and User Experience for Lumagate based in Stockholm, Sweden. Creator of numerous Configuration Manager and Enterprise Mobility tools, scripts and all round nice guy. Hero 2015. Check out his blog at

Marcus Robinson - Technical Evangelist at Microsoft UK with a focus on writing and talking about DevOps practices to technical audiences throughout the UK. He has become an a recognised expert in technologies such as Windows Server and Microsoft Azure and has also authored numerous training courses for Learning Tree International.

Maurice Daly - WMUG contributor Maurice has been working in IT since 1999 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Maurice is the seasoned IT Pro and has many tips and tricks to share. Find Maurice on twitter on @modaly_it

Terence Beggs - WMUG contributor Terence is a Senior Systems Officer for Migration and Deployment for London Metropolitan University. Terence has over 10 years experience as an IT Professional.

Robert Marshall - One of the original WMUG founders, WMUG leader and MVP for 8 years in what is now Enterprise Mobility. Robert is the senior consultant at a London based Consultancy called SMSMarshall Ltd, specialists in ConfigMgr. 

Peter Egerton - Senior Cloud Consultant at Inframon Ltd with a specialism in Enterprise Client Management. He has been working in IT since 2000 and a WMUG community leader since 2013. Peter is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and also recently authored his first book on Troubleshooting Configuration Manager.

Aaron Czechowski - Senior Program Manager at Microsoft based at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, USA. Aaron is responsible for Operating System Deployment in Configuration Manager as well as the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

If you have any registration questions please contact

*Travel and accommodation is not included and conditions apply.