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WMUG is proud to present another instalment of our most excellent all-day events.

TUESDAY 30th OCTOBER 2018 9-5

Microsoft Reactor, 70 Wilson St, London EC2A 2DB


Sponsored by Adaptiva


This event is built around a visit by our esteemed peer EM MVP Jason Sandys, totally carried by Adaptiva our sponsor for this event, and given velocity as your host by Robert Marshall EM MVP, along with the WMUG team Peter Egerton EM MVP, Paul Winstanley EM MVP, Gerry Hampson EM MVP, WMUG leader David Scambler, and comes with an exciting line up of guest speakers.

Our speaker line-up is looking great:

  • Jason Sandys
  • Steve Beaumont
  • Sam Erskine
  • Gerry Hampson
  • Peter Egerton
  • James Pitcher / Jeffrey Day
  • Leon Ashton-Leatherland
  • Chris Robert
  • Robert Marshall
  • Paul Winstanley
  • Microsoft Intune Product Group Engineers

Note that there is an after-event party put on by our wonderful host Adapitva, RSVP here: http://www2.adaptiva.com/events/ukvip 

Here’s the agenda for the day, with TBC’s expected to change in the next week:









Introduction of WMUG, Sponsor and line up of speakers, structure of the day and fire exits


Jason Sandys

Real-time ConfigMgr



Steve Beaumont

CMG lessons learned and support tricks whistle stop

Steve will share his real world experiences, tips and tricks from working with Cloud Management Gateways in a production environment.






Sam Erskine

Track changes and patch VMs in Azure (Windows or Linux) without SCCM and with zero infrastructure

SCCM is great for your full systems management needs but why would you use it in Azure.

In this session Sam Erskine takes you through the native capabilities in Azure (available to you) to meet your needs in the areas of change tracking, inventory management and patch management.

Easy to set up in just 1 click; well and just a few fields to fill in the form before the click.

This is a zero to hero session ; SCCM gurus have no fear, there is plenty of room in Azure for SCCM management if you still want to use your favourite tool.


Gerry Hampson

Deploying apps to Windows 10 devices with Intune

A tour of the technologies available for Windows 10 software distribution via Intune, including PowerShell, Desktop App converter, MSIX packaging tool and a surprise :)






Peter Egerton

Autopilot iz da Future

An overview of Windows Autopilot and why it is a key component of future modern systems management


James Pitcher, Director of Customer Support at Adaptiva, accompanied by Jeffrey Day from Adaptiva

How to Automate Endpoint Security Configuration Management

Adaptiva presents recent trends in enterprise endpoint security and provides real world examples of how today’s largest organizations are reducing help desk tickets and keeping Windows endpoints healthy by automating security configuration management compliance.


Leon Ashton-Leatherland

Android Enterprise and Intune

This session will cover the AE solution sets that are available and how they ensure that mobile devices are managed in different use case scenarios. It will cover which of these solution sets are currently supported within Intune and an indication on what is to come.


Chris Roberts

Update Rings: Giving Users a Choice

The session is about allowing your users to choose an update ring and applying that to Windows 10 upgrades, Software Updates, Software Distribution and SCCM settings. Will dive in to how we set this up (PowerShell, MOF file edits etc) and then how we use this..






Robert Marshall and Paul Winstanley

CMG and how to liberate the DMZ

Robert and Paul will explore how the CMG can simplify DMZ device management with examples of existing servicing-scenarios, and how they can be transitioned to the coolest cloud feature in SCCM, while attaining the most compliant solution possible.


Microsoft - Paul Mayfield

SCCM and Intune strategy for delivery of new management value through the M365 cloud

Paul will convey the message that SCCM and Intune play well and do not replace each other, will discuss the future o f these products in the management layer, and get feedback from attendees.


WMUG Team & Speakers versus the Audience

Geek Quiz night hosted by our resident Quiz Master Peter Egerton

More fun antics with our WMUG Quiz game, prepare to have your mind boggled with useless trivia only unusual the very daring among us know!


Close up




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Note that there is an after-event party put on by our wonderful host Adapitva, RSVP here: http://www2.adaptiva.com/events/ukvip