WMUG presents the July 2014 Clinic in which we discuss Service Manager with specialist Sam Erskine.

A big thank you to the WMUG Leaders, guest speakers and attendees, very detailed session thanks all.

The following links where mentioned during the call:

If you would like to join the next Clinic, keep an eye on our hash tag @wmug as well as the Clinic page here, or on this websites navigation bar.

The WMUG Team

Sam has written books on the subject as well as specialised in Service Manager since its inception.

Sam Erskine

The event is held using Lync Online at 8PM BST (Online Time Checker) on the 31st of July 2014

Attendee link is here: WMUG Clinic - Service Manager

Please do use our Twitter hashtag @WMUG to pose Service Manager related questions for Sam Erskine to answer and to win a free book! It's a surprise!

You are more than welcome to attend both to listen and interact but please, do not use this as a platform to request production support, we are however happy to discuss production issues and may offer a remedy to assist you, but we will not attempt to solve them online.

The WMUG Team