On my old blogging site (www.aquilaweb.com) I had an article about how to change the default banner on reports in SCOM.  Unfortunately my old website content got “lost” by the provider at the time, and I lost all the content on the site.  Since then, I have had a number of requests about a particular article I had on changing the report banner in SCOM, so I thought I would post about it again…

As SCOM relies on SSRS for reporting, all you need to is connect to the reports webpage and replace the “banner_landscape.jpg” and “banner_portrait.jpg” files with the jpg banner files that you want.  The easiest way to do this is to log onto the server that hosts your SCOM SSRS instance and open a web browser to http://localhost/reports.  When the webpage loads, you will see the two banner JPG files as named above, just rename these files and then use the “Upload file” link on the web page to upload your new banner files (and make sure they are named “banner_landscape.jpg” and “banner_portrait.jpg”).




If you would like to keep your banners the same size as the default ones, they is 772 x 62 pixels.

Once the banner files have been replaced, run a report and you’ll see your new banner.  Smile