Hi All,

I'm really loving doing this project..and it is almost in a beta stage...there are lots of things to do still and i'd love your imput, even for bugs..(send it to me to raphael AT rflsystems.co.uk)

Anyway...the webpage of the project is http://cm12automation.codeplex.com/ and the beta files will be there soon ((i'm finishing lots of tests)

the 1st powershell script you need to know is the BuildMediaFolder.ps1

as the name says, it will build a folder with all files you need to have...there are files it will download from the internet (if you say to download) or copy from a folder (that you'll tell the folder) and other files (ie ConfigMgr 2012 SP1, SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM) that it cannot download from the next and expect you to have somewhere

if you use proxy authentication, dont worry..it will ask your username/password to connect to the net as well :)

the 2nd script is PrepareActiveDirectory.ps1

as the name says, it will prepare the active directory, create OU's, computer accounts for the SCCM Servers (if it does not exist), groups, etc..and depending on the option you selected, it will perform the schema extensions...

yes, if you have a single domain you'll need run this twice, but if you're not the guy with rights to perform the extension, you can give them the file

the 3rd script is Prerequisites.ps1

this will install all requirements for the site, sql, etc...you can use it in 1 machine or in multiple machines, like, installing the DP/MP on a remote machine, you don't need to select this option on the site server...

as part of the process, it will install the minimum requirement for the role that you'll use...

things it will do:
install and configure CMTrace
Create c:\NO_SMS_ON_Drive .sms
Create d:\NO_SMS_ON_Drive .sms (if needed, basically, if you install a site)
create sql server firewall extensions
disable firewall
add the sccm servers group and sccm admins group as local admin
install .NET Framework 4
install IIS, bits, etc..
install sql 2008 r2 + sp2 or sql express
configure the number of sql files and max memory
if you're preparing for sql server reporting services, it will also configure the execution account and backup the encryption key
install wsus 3.0 sp2 and hotfixes
install ADK
install configmgr toolkit
install powershell 3

the 4th script is the InstallSCCMSite.ps1...

this is the main script as it will install the site, it will ask questions about the site, like, type (Central, Primary Std, Primary Child), sdk server, etc...

what i like most of this are:
1- install and integrate MDT
2- validate the installation (of course, basic validation)
3- automatically add the group you create to a full admin
4- change the logs size to 10MB (yes, it may be too much, but i'm using it on my lab)
5- enable tasks "Rebuild Indexes and Backup SMS Site Server"
6- enable tasks "Delete obsolete client discovery data", "delete inactive client discovery data"
7- disable task "evaluate provisioned AMT computer certificates"
8- automatically add a client push and network access account
9- create cm12 desktop icon and configure the launch of sql reporting builder 3
10- configure the database initial size and number of files
11- create boundary and boundary group
12- enable discovery(***)
13- create device and user folders and collections
14- extend hw inventory to collect extra data (used by the script), create a client settings to collect this extra data and also deploy to the sccm collections created

and the 5th script is SiteRolesInstallation.ps1
this will install all site roles that you want, but at the moment, it only install:
1- cm12 console (i know, it is not a site server :))
2- asset intelligence sync point
3- fallback
4- management point
5- dp (and also create a dpgroup)
6- smp
7- sup
8- application catalog website and webservice point
9- endpoint protection (and create ADR)

few points:
1- script expect to find at least 2 partitions and in many cases 3 (ie c, d and e)
2- all logs are in cmtrace format :):):)
3- ***there is a bug with the discovery, try avoiding using it if possible
4- Creating Secondary site may happen later
5- script only install if needed (ie: it will not install IIS if you don't select anything that uses IIS)
6- you can either run the script without parameters and it will ask you question or you can pass parameters and it will do almost everything in a automated way...

hope you're as excited as me about this project