Hey chaps,

I've been silent a long while as a lot of things happened between August and now. Computer failing on me, internet problems at home and travels and holidays and all those madness in getting a new box to replace the failed one. I hope to get back on track with all the exciting CM2012 information we have obtained over the last few weeks with RC1. Also, on another note, we've managed to get Windows 8's Developer Preview onto a tablet. W8's something refreshing and chanced upon the following article on the MSDN Blog. It's worth a definite read as it speaks of the sentimental history in the tool we call Windows Task Manager. Windows 3.0 till Metro! Right, at least I enjoyed it! :)

A few of the features I like

  • Clean basic view with only the primary processes
  • Heat Map
  • New Grouping

Can be more but this is a good direction!


(p.s. and yes the action I use the most is to end tasks.)