For all of those interested, the ConfigMgr 2012 SDK is now available!

Worth also knowing these features are now no longer supported.

Unsupported Features

The Configuration Manager console does not support the following features:

Wizard Creation

You cannot create wizards by using the existing Configuration Manager console framework. You also cannot modify or remove steps from the existing Configuration Manager wizards.

Modification of Core Configuration Manager Console Items

Do not change or remove items in the core Configuration Manager console XML, because this could break the Configuration Manager console. The core XML is stored in %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\ConsoleRoot.

SMS 2003 IMMF Interfaces

The Configuration Manager console is built by using managed code and does not support the SMS 2003 IMMF interfaces.

Registry-Based Extensions

Registry-based extensions, similar to those available in SMS 2003, are not supported in the Configuration Manager console.

Microsoft Management Console SDK Extensions

Extensions written with the Microsoft Management Console SDK are not supported by the Configuration Manager console.