First of all I can’t take any credit for putting this script together but I can highly recommend you using it. Friend of WMUG David O’Brien has put together a huge powershell script which will trawl through your Configuration Manager site and output the configuration information into a nicely formatted Word document.

The original blog post can be found here -

If you are a consultant like me you know you usually need to hand back your configuration info to the customer, alternatively if you are a sys admin and want to fully document exactly what is in your Configuration Manager installation or you want to find out what is there without clicking around everywhere then you can run this simple tool. David has put a lot of time and effort into this tool and has very kindly shared it with the community – kudos for that! If you want to customise or build on it for yourself then it’s all there for you to see but be fair and credit the relevant people. You can also change the Microsoft Word formatting post-run and put it into whatever format you desire.

There are a few requirements for this one but nothing to sweat about…

  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 (at least)
  • Powershell 3.0
  • The Configuration Manager console must be installed
  • Minimum read access to the site
  • An English installation of Microsoft Word (other languages are covered in David’s blog post)

You could run this from the server or from your client machine providing you meet the above spec. Don’t forget you’ll need to use the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet to set your execution policy to Unrestricted before you run the script. More info here -

The run command for you to use is in the following format…

.\CM12_Inventory.ps1 -ManagementPoint ConfigMgr.domain.local -SiteCode PR1 –CompanyName “WMUG Corporation” –verbose

Then you can simply sit back and watch the script do it’s magic. The word file will build before your very eyes! It can take a little time to build but it really depends on the size of your environment.

If you want the download then you can get it at the link below but please do go to his blog posting and read more about it.

Download -

Full blog post -

Thanks David!!