I was installing System Center Data Protection Manager recently in my lab environment and came across a rather annoying little gotcha, if you don’t know it’s there you could be scratching your head for a little while.

So here’s the start of the installation procedure…

The obligatory splash GUI:



The obligatory license agreement:






Here’s the one to watch out for:


When you’re making the connection to your SQL server you need to provide credentials for the connection. In the domain text box you can’t use your FQDN, you must use the NetBIOS domain name. If you check the DPMSetup.log file (C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\DPM\DPMLogs\DPMSetup.log) you will see that the installation tries to use the credentials in a down-level logon name (domain\username). Obviously using the FQDN in a down-level format doesn’t compute so one to be careful of.


So here’s the way you need to do it – with NetBIOS domain:



Although this shows an error it’s one if the double-negatives that sometimes confuse us, in this case it’s an error trying to apply SQL administrative privileges to an account that already has them.

PS - This is lab so that’s why I’m using my administrator account, I could never recommend this in production!