We have a new tracing tool in town, OneTrace, which comes in the latest Technical Preview Build 1804.

You’ll also find the Log Viewer that comes with Support Center:

Above its opened several logs and merged them together as default behaviour.

For CMTrace users, highlighting is located in Advanced Filters > Add > Highlight, a few extra clicks than before, but doable, especially what with the flexibility of the advanced filters …


LogLauncher can be told to use the Support Center tracing tool, as well as the new OneSite Log Viewer, both work like a charm.

Here’s One Trace (the process is called CMPowerLogViewer) with the same log files open as the tracer in the shots above:


Certainly feels faster than the old CMTrace tool.

Loaded with features, next error, previous error, and the ability to open ETL files, the new binary format used by Windows Update Agent in Windows 10. It crashes a bit, early days, I couldn’t get it to render status messages in its current state, am sure that’ll be sorted. I certainly will be keeping an eye on its development.

Not a bad replacement for CMTrace, be sad to see CMTrace being given its marching orders, however, I doubt we’ll see the last of CMTrace for another decade


If you haven’t checked out Technical Preview yet, its ahead of the Current Branch release and is a test bed for brand new features coming down the pipe, get an early look in by installing the Technical Preview build from TechNet