Before you can install a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Site server you will need a bunch of files called the installation prerequisite files. I thought I’d write a quick posting to answer the what\how questions that come with using it.


At the time of installation of a Site server you’ll need to download a bunch of prerequisite files from the internet. You can do this from the server receiving the installation, or have them already prepared and available in some form for quick reference.

What are these files for?

These files are used when deploying the ConfigMgr Client after the Site server has been installed. They are the Client prerequisite files and this this is not an optional download.

Check out this link for a list of the files that are required. Look for the Dependencies External to Configuration Manager and Automatically Downloaded During Installation section.

How do I get these files?

You can either download them as part of the Site installation experience, or download them using a utility that comes on the ConfigMgr installation media called SETUPDL.EXE. Using this tool you can perform the download before installation takes place on a server or workstation that has Port 80 access to the Internet.

The only limitation is that the tool is 64- bit (X64) and thus cannot run on an 32-bit (X86) OS.

What should I do with these files?

The process that is usually taken by administrators is to download, verify and then put these alongside any ConfigMgr installation “kits” made available for engineers to perform installations from. If you have a lab, you’d do the same, download once and either insert them into your SC12CM ISO, or make them available quickly in some other form (network share).


Listing of the files downloaded by the Prerequisite downloader SETUPDL.EXE

How do I use the downloader?

Just open a CMD prompt, create yourself a destination directory (spaces are supported in RTM), navigate to the SC12CM’s media SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 directory and point SETUPDL.EXE at the newly created folder.



Here’s the output from SETUPDL.EXE:

Downloader for ConfigMgr Setup

SETUPDL [options] destination

destination  Specifies the directory for downloaded files.

  /verify      Verify the manifest and contents at the destination, but do not download
  /NoUI        Don't show any UI during the process
  /?           This help

When it’s running, you’ll see something like this:


And when it has finished the CMD prompt output will have the last line as:

INFO: setupdl.exe: Finish  $$<Configuration Manager Setup><06-04-2012 14:10:41.4
71-60><thread=2244 (0x8C4)>

You could log all this by redirecting the output of SETUPDL.EXE using the > console output redirector.

Key things to make sure you have are an X64 OS and easy Port 80 internet access. Keep in mind that if you are in a Web proxy-based environment with proxy authentication enabled, you may have issues getting through.