I’ve written a pretty awesome and cheaply priced product to control System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 and R2 Management Point selection and usage, literally bringing localisation that we have today for Content to Management Points without any burden, overhead or change in the infrastructure.

LocationAware maps Management Points to Boundary Groups, it consists of a Console, an Agent and a Configuration file. The Console which connects to your Site server to retrieve Boundary Groups, Boundaries and Management Points is used to author the Configuration File containing the relationship data for Boundary Groups, Boundaries and Management Points, and the resulting Configuration File and Agent are delivered to the Client estate and run using the reliable ConfigMgr Software Distribution mechanism.

Here’s a shot of the Console with a couple of controlled Management Points being shown:


The agent does full logging into the ConfigMgr Clients log folder and uses granular rules within the Windows Advanced Firewall to reliably and safely control Management Point usage.

The product homepage has an overview video embedded which shows you how simple LocationAware is to get up and running in your Hierarchy, and should help answer any questions you have.

Please do reach out to us if you are interested in a pre-sales technical discussion, or, just simply feel you cannot have a Hierarchy without exercising control over Management Point usage and need LocationAware!

Click here to visit LocationAware


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