I’ve released a point release for LogLauncher, it contains the following:

  • Custom Locations now works on remote scans, instead of just local scans
  • Progressive search implemented in the Log View, begin typing the log name to see it
  • Monitoring in progress notifications introduced, red text in bottom left and applications title bar text changed to alert that monitoring it taking place
  • The Product or Category being monitored will be shown with green text to denote that it is being monitored
  • Orb now has File \ Exit implemented (top left of application window)
  • Code and Cosmetic changes, aiming for a higher ease-of-use level




I think the Most Recent Used for device name is acting up, it seems to work here in the development environment but I saw one instance of it not storing device names when you scan them successfully. Try entering the device name and pressing Enter instead of just clicking away to the Scan button.

You can find the tool here over on TechNet Gallery