An email arrived this afternoon, is always a treat to get an one like this!


Another year of being in the MVP programme, in particular the Enterprise and Client Management (ECM) space where ConfigMgr lives, it’s just fantastic.

My thanks for the year gone go out to the Community as a whole, Peter Egerton and David Scambler of WMUG fame for helping to keep the WMUG User Group going with me, to Claire Smyth my MVP Regional Lead for being so approachable and helpful, Wally Mead for being an indirect Mentor, and a fabulously friendly and helpful guy, TechNet UK for help promoting WMUG and for being ultra-cool cats, to my wife for coping with my ConfigMgr addiction, and to my lab servers for helping me to tinker over the course of the year to both learn and to help better engage with the community.

I’m sure there’s more I could mention and call out others that have helped me over the year, you know who you are, instead I’ll close off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2014!