Microsoft have given us a great way to watch out for patches being released for the ConfigMgr product.

I love empowering people, I don't like to sit on news feeds then spoon it to you, it would make me seem pro when all I'm doing is venting other peoples content ... so instead, here's the empowering bit ... to get a bit of this action you just need to sign up to the following RSS feed and that is it:

No need to watch someone else's blog regurgitate this stuff out, get the knowledge straight from the horse's mouth! How's that for sharing!

Note that before this RSS feed came about, most if not all of this stuff was not publicly available, or it was under NDA so us MVP's couldn't share the information with you, at the best MS CSS would link you to the hotfix if a case required it to. This has changed, and Microsoft now put the ball squarely in your court now. Isn't that nice of them!

Thanks Mr Microsoft!