One of the problems I often encounter when implementing patch management solutions for clients is they often require different settings on clients that are managed by the same primary site server.

Recently I was asked to hide all the software update deployments on workstations but make all software update deployments visible on servers.

After have a long hard think and looking in the ConfigMgr SDK I found the SetUserExperienceFlag

Extract take from the ConfigMgr SDK

The SetUserExperienceFlag method, in Configuration Manager, sets the flag indicating the user experience mode that determines how software updates are displayed on a target computer.


HRESULT SetUserExperienceFlag(
     const ULONG ulUserExperience
ulUserExperienceData type: ULONG

Qualifiers: [in]

The user experience flag. Possible user experience mode values are:

0 DEFAULT (per policy)



With this in mind here is a script

dim updatesDeployment

set updatesDeployment = CreateObject ("UDA.CCMUpdatesDeployment")

updatesDeployment.SetUserExperienceFlag 2 ‘2 for Quiet, 1 for Interactive and 0 For Policy Controlled’

Create a ConfigMgr package and program to execute this script and you can have different settings on different ConfigMgr clients